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Wonderful experience dealing w Shannon Miner - answered all our questions, let us have time to pick our puppy and even gave us a cute little bag of treats and a blankie from his mama when we picked him up to come home.
HIGHLY recommend her and her fur babies


-Ruth-Anne Atkinson-Clements


What constitutes a good breeder:
You are able to visit the breeders home or kennel. You are given the opportunity to see one or both or the parents. Breeder should be extremely informative about the breed. Breeder should be friendly and willing to establish a good rapport. Should be an excellent resource and mentor. Encourage to reach out anytime with any questions or concerns. Most will ask to sign a contract. Breeder should be ask lots of questions about your family and the home puppy may go to. Shannon Miner/Doodle Daze has been all of the above and more. I can not say enough about the mentorship and genuine care and love she has for her puppies. Our Ozzy is a 5 month old joy. Highly recommend Doodle Daze. Beautiful puppies. 💕

-Colleen Patricia

We had an amazing experience buying our pup Marshall. We live in Ottawa but Shannon kept us completely in the know with video and photo updates. She was super quick to answer any questions. She welcomed us in to her home and let us meet her family as they said their sad goodbyes but were also joyful with our excitement about our new puppy. Honestly I can’t say enough good things. Great experience.

-Shelley Dansereau

We had a great experience as well, Sprocket has been an amazing addition to our family with a great disposition.

Shannon allowed us to come in and see all the puppies at play although only a few were left for choosing as we were a bit late getting on the list. Meeting both parents and seeing where the puppies are raised is key to knowing they are from a great breeder. Seeing how your pup interacts with its siblings is also a good idea.
If I didn’t have a golden doodle already I would get another sheepadoodle, he is wonderful.

-Ann Hamilton

Well we brought Sadie home at 5 months , she's absolutely amazing little girl... But she likes to eat anything she finds including poop! So I would recommend a muzzle on walks to avoid upset tummies. Sadie is very food sensitive. She's alot of work , make sure you have the energy. Sadie is very smart learns commands quickly, rings the bell to go out. Shannon, is the most amazing lady . Always answers all my questions and is totally in love with her furbabies. Shannon is a super Fur Mama .

-Patsy Ellis


Our experience was wonderful!!! We live far from Shannon’s and they took time to present us the puppies and we knew for sure that she was an excellent breeder.

We are in love with our dog Akim and we have Shannon to thank for that !

-Maria Eliane Feliciano


 I found Shannon and her puppies online and although we live some thousand kilometres away in BC she got right back to me with information and pictures of our Lily. I couldn't make it to their home to meet the parents, but from the way she communicated and her openness I was completely sure that I had found the right breeder!

-Molly Andrian


 We've had a great experience with Wellington all around he's a super chill dog very laid-back not what you'd expect for 5 and a half month old pup, he was very easy to train extremely smart pick things up very quickly within 2 weeks he could sit give paw do army crawl spin and already staying in place waiting for his meal to be served.
He has had some issues with his vision early on we're still waiting on some tests to see what the problem is it could just be slow maturity

-Rose Smith

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